A Vegan Life

The vegan diet consists mainly of all organic plant material. For the beginner vegan, I always advise them to write down on paper exactly what they want to achieve on the vegan lifestyle. Veganism has recently become very trendy; every year people are choosing to live a vegan lifestyle and it's not just because of animal cruelty or our love for animals.

When I heard that Chipotle had released preconfigured ‘vegan' and ‘vegetarian' bowls” to offer customers meat-free alternatives” (press-release language!), I wondered if I could finally enjoy the flavors of Chipotle without the gut-rupturing aftereffects.

People become vegetarians for many reasons, including health concerns, religious convictions and ethical reasons. My goal is to help people on their path to a Vegan lifestyle … for their health, for the planet, and for the animals. I do eat seafood and chicken (on occasion) eggs, dairy.

This will ensure that when you visit them, or when they visit you, food will not be a problem since they have already been informed about your new vegan diet. Some people follow a vegan diet because of strict religious beliefs or spiritual issues. Through adopting a plant-based lifestyle, we can mitigate the damage we are currently doing to our atmosphere- and possibly even begin to reverse it.

Farm animals consume more protein and calories then they produce, therefore animals reared for food is an unsustainable use of resources. Although stereotypical, fries really can be a vegan's best friend when eating out (just, maybe not every day). Rather than narrowing my diet, veganism has encouraged me to take chances.

325 Animals are campervan conversion purchased from a breeder, used for personal gain—either for further breeding or manual labor—and then discarded, most frequently as food. Vegans eat exclusively plant-based food. Meat is available every time and we can get everything from it,” she added.

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