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Phil Hardberger Park is divided by Wurzbach Parkway. Of all public lands that offer climbing, municipal areas tend to be the smallest, least classic (with the obvious exception of Rifle), and are usually just as heavily regulated as state parks, if not more so. Should you find a patch of chossy rock in your own local park or publicly-owned river bottom, you could certainly put up routes, but it is very likely that if you are caught by local authorities they would immediately prohibit climbing.

The imposing cliff is several hundred feet up rocky Texas terrain — mostly limestone and Cedar trees. +10,000 sq ft of climbing surface with 32 rope stations scattered throughout the gym. Known in many countries around the world as via ferrata, it is an iron road” made of rungs and cable, designed to assist climbers in scaling great heights.

As the floodwaters rose, thousands of bats were left trapped underneath the bridge. Disclaimer of Liability: Rock climbing is a lot of fun, but it can also be dangerous. That said, if you live in an area where climbing is legal within your city limits, you know that it is a special privilege to be able to climb an outside urban boulder, no matter how chossy or unclassic it is.

Police say West Dallas' main crime problem is the same today as it was before the bridge opened: a series of recurring quality-of-life issues. This playscape has so much for all kids to do. It would be the perfect park. In some mountain ranges, you can even link routes together for a multi-day, high-altitude climbing experience you'll never forget.

515 City Park Road. The climbing route was established under the arch of the bridge in 2015, considered a challenging, overhanging sport climb that is a rare opportunity in Central Oregon and across the nation. We can also provide special skill workshops including rock climbing or rappelling.

You can deck, slam the wall, or flip upside down in sport climbing, and loose rock is always a hazard. Sometimes it seems like various state parks' policies toward climbing take a similar approach. Most state parks across the nation fall between Smith Rock's open tolerance and Natural Bridge's retroactive hostility.

We know most longtime Austinites expected this playground to be No. 1. While there's a lot to do here, the main playscape is really just a series of ramps to run up. We also saw a lot of wear and tear such as peeling paint that needs to be addressed.

When you hike out from Rail Trail Park to the Mexican Canyon Tressle, you pass by what is left of the S Bridge. This 3.4-mile, round-trip hike begins at the Old Entrance Road trail, which takes you southwest along the park's original paved entry road. Park, climb up the semi-hidden trail, Pecos High Bridge and enjoy the magnificent view of the lake in the day, the sunset, or stars at night.

After spending time abroad and West Texas made it back to Houston in 2012 where they found a home at Grace Bible Church, which led them to join in on the adventure of planting The Bridge Montrose. Kids Club is a great way for kids to have fun while learning about rock climbing.

And yes, there are several city parks around the US that actually do have climbing on them, right in the middle of grass, swingsets, and urbanites picnicking. Most of the time we climb at crags in Texas but we often organize trips to other states and countries.

The bridge can be accessed off of Riverfront and Core St. on the Downtown side and Canada Dr. and Singleton on the West Dallas side. The equipment and gear used for climbing the via ferrata is similar to the gear used in other forms of rock climbing. Rest in the shade of oaks and massive boulders before hanging a left at the Summit Trail to clamber up the smooth granite path to the top of Enchanted Rock.

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